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Recent accomplishments include:

Real Estate

  • Filing a partition action on behalf of a co-tenant property owner
  • Defending a homeowner couple in a wrongful foreclosure suit
  • Defending a property owner in a suit for partition
  • Filing of a probate action to facilitate selling of a decedent's home in San Rafael.
  • Representation of a seller at a mediation in Walnut Creek involving a non-disclosure dispute.
  • Representation of a defendant in Alameda County Superior Court involving out of state real property.
  • Representation of a buyer at a mediation proceeding in Lafayette involving non-disclosure issues.
  • Representation of a homeowner at a mediation in San Francisco involving a tenancy in common dispute.
  • Counseling and negotiation assistance to a buyer purchasing a home in San Francisco.
  • Representation of a defendant homeowner in Berkeley involving a condominium dispute.
  • Seller assistance to home owner in Stockton who sold her home without a broker.
  • Counseling assistance to a homeowner in Oakland involving a boundary line dispute.
  • Representation of a home owner at mediation in San Francisco involving a mechanic's lien and a home remodel dispute.
  • Buyer assistance to a home purchaser in Oakland who did not have a real estate agent.
  • Seller assistance to a property owner in Oakland in negotiating the sale of his building.
  • Counseling assistance to a senior citizen homeowner about reverse mortgages.
  • Settlement of a lawsuit and removal of a mechanic's lien from a home in Fremont. Counsel to new homeowner in Walnut Creek regarding a property line dispute.
  • Assistance to an owner selling her home in Piedmont without a broker.

Workers' Compensation

  • Negotiated and settled an action by way of compromise and release
  • Filed an action for a worker injured by repetitive keyboard stress
  • Represented a client at her deposition
  • Negotiated and settled an action by way of a stipulated award
  • Took the deposition of a PQME physician
  • Attended and settled a case at an MSC

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