San Francisco Buyer Brokerage Representation

Under California state law, real estate brokers may represent both buyers and sellers in the same real estate transaction. In this situation, the broker works with both sides to negotiate a sale — sometimes to the detriment of the purchaser. What is good for the seller is not always good for the buyer.

When you allow one person to represent both parties in your real estate transaction, he or she is not necessarily looking out for you. He or she is trying to close a deal. In order to ensure that you are being treated fairly, it is important to have a dedicated representative whose only job is to make sure that your rights are protected.

Our founder, Mark E. Rubke, is both a licensed broker and an experienced real estate attorney. He provides buyer brokerage representation to San Francisco homebuyers while helping them create and implement sound real estate contracts. As a lawyer, he can help you avoid legal pitfalls that may lead to disputes down the road.

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When you enlist Mark E. Rubke to act as your real estate broker, you benefit from our firm's decades of experience navigating real estate transactions — as well as our fluency in matters of both real estate and law.

Because brokers are paid out of the commission on a home sale, our brokerage services come at no cost to you. There is no reason not to work with us to protect your rights.

To learn more about our buyer brokerage services, please contact our offices at 510-834-1935 for a free initial telephone consultation.